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 News:Clan practice report

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Commander 2nd Class
Commander 2nd Class

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PostSubject: News:Clan practice report   Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:55 am

Hey guys, just here to give you an update on the practice. Was small, but it was some good training.

Party Leader:Stewie2552
Attendees: NewbAmoeba, xArmageddon7x, Stonato, bourfaur(sp?).

Events: Stonato has joined. Big news on a new branch soon.

The Games:

Match 1 : Bloc
Playlist : Team Deathmatch
Score limit : 750
Time limit : 10 minutes


Spetsnaz : NewbAmoeba, Stonato

S.A.S. : Stewie2552, xArmageddon7x

Details ingame:

At the beginning, me and Stonato start running around and decide to camp. We racked up on some kills and decided to hide behind unused building near black room. Got some more kills. Now we had to run through black and get to pool room. Armageddon ambushed both of us with his sexy MP44, and we headed through orange side. We camped in the pool room. Stonato hid in left bathroom while I hid behind the diving board. Stewie pops his head around the corner and gets it blown off. They rush us before we can get away but I manage to go prone without Stewie seeing me. We run off guns - a -blazing. We run around through blue trying to get back to our other spot to no avail. We got pwned and went around the corner of pool room and to far side of Orange near A bomb. They get UAV and we hide in the courtyard, Stewie ambushes but the game ends.

Ending Score : 220 - 160


Match 2 : Overgrown
Playlist : Team Deathmatch
Score limit : 750
Time limit : 30 minutes (i'm guessing Stewie was fed up with our hiding, but he actually made it worse)


Spetsnaz : NewbAmoeba, Stonato

S.A.S. : Stewie2552, xArmageddon7x, bourfaur (sp?)

Details ingame:

Game starts out with me showing Stonato my sniper spot. Then we go to building literally right by bomb A (rusher's paradise). We hide up in the top part. I knife Armageddon a few minutes in, Stewie tries to flash and fails. They start using other entrance. Stonato gets some kills and becomes overwhelmed and, frankly, dies. I rush over and take out a few boys. At this point me and Stonato go into Minigun Hut and it feels like King of the Hill on CoD4 with everyone constantly rushing the room. Then we go try sneaking up on them and Stewie surprises me. (Dumb idea, assaulting the front of the convoy) Stonato whips out his MP5 and pulls the trigger on his dome. Later it turns into:

Me: Hey stonato, come over here, hide behind this wall
Stonato: ok
-30 seconds later-
Stonato: This is boring. Lets go kick some ass!
NewbAmoeba: How?
Stonato: I dunno, lets just go kick some ass!

So we rush off into the distance. We decide to hide near gas station. I'm sniping and it seems that Stewie and Armageddon are so overwhelmed they started dancing under the stairs. (Who knows what they were REALLY doing though, eh?

So now only bourfaur is playing us and he's sniping us. Too bad he failed every attempt and never got us. So Stonato goes to Away status, and i'm just killing bourfaur. He's like a punching bag. So I get bored and switch to my C4 class and plant C4's right in front of me. He comes in and he got bitch slapped. So Stewie comes and bour rushes from behind. I die. So I go back, kill, and plant some more C4's in original spot. Later I got near broken wall of gas station and sneak up on him. Then I go behind rock and sneak up on him again. Then I go back behind rock and he tries to sneak up on Stonato (who's not playing and didn't die a single time. I see him running into the back corner.

Guess what? I got another C4 kill! Hurraaaaaaaay!

At this point Stewie and Armageddon are fucking around and Bour is like, "GTFOver here guys, I need some damn help." Too bad Stewie was smart and knew the power in this beast. lol!

Game is about to end so I go into Minigun Hut and I see Stewie and Armageddon doing something under the stairs, and i wuz liek, *gasp!* so I could not look and sprayed my MP5 everywhere. End game.

Ending Score : I forgot but we won by around 20 kills.

Result: It was really fun! It lasted about an hour but we all had a great time and everyone else should come for the next one. Lets just hope me and Stonato can't make it, huh?
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Sn1p3r Sh4wn

Number of posts : 129
Age : 24
Motto : You give me shit, I give it back. You respect me, I respect you.
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Registration date : 2008-08-27

PostSubject: Re: News:Clan practice report   Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:08 am

Awesome. Good luck guys.

Go ahead. Ban me for posting my opinions and beliefs and defending member's rights. I'll just go post elsewhere.
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PostSubject: Re: News:Clan practice report   Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:52 am

wow, very nice report, and we lost.....a lot. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: News:Clan practice report   Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:14 am

im here to tell a story. i story of how me and joesph absolutlely powned the campers like stewie and aarmagedon. I got 30 kills when we played them on bloc and everytime i found were they camped and blew them away. On shipment i took my gold shoty and got 47 kills and a 17 kill streak. Stewie hated that i decided to use a semi auto-matic shotty, when he and aarmagedon decided to use RPG'S and he only contributed about 25 kills. On The next map in the begining i got a heli with help from joesph off course. But then his game froze so he quite. It was 2 on 1 and i was looking bad in the begining but still raping. Then newbamobea joined so know its 1 on 3. i stayed in a building when heard three coming up the steps. I bursted out of the room sraying MP5 everywhere and kill all 3. i then use my UAV and a m4 on the ground to continue to rape from the building getting and airstrike. But then Stewie sniped by head OFF with his barret .50 cal. I would just like to say i hope u get better and i hope alot of people are better.


^^^^check it out
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PostSubject: Re: News:Clan practice report   

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News:Clan practice report
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